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Traditional slating to a large extension roof on a back dated carracter building in Frodsham Cheshire. This project was on the home of the owner of a large Architect group , so for sure this guy new what he wanted on his roof. All the roof works were to be completed in a traditional manner. For the main roof area we had to source and use a reclaimed welsh slate to match in with the excisting buildings . With this project having a large chimney on it the Architect wanted us to use a high grade mild lead dressed in a traditional manner for around the chimney. 


When the reclaimed slate arrived on site the fixing holes wasn’t great or up to our standards. With being very windy at the top of the hill in Frodsham Cheshire we decided the only option was to re hole all 2500 reclaimed slate to ensure a strong permanent fixing for the slate . As the job progressed to day 2 the architect had realised there was no where near enough natural daylight getting in the building. The only answer to this was for us to fit velux windows. So after a quick get together and chat with the architect it was decided on 3 velux windows were needed.  
To ensure once again this project was going to be finished on schedule we wasted no time got straight on the phone to supplyers to locate the window sizes that were required. From a quick decision at 10am that morning the velux windows were on site for lunch time the same day. With wasting no time we got straight on with trimming out the roof spars to the required specification for the windows and with working late into the evening the velux windows were fitted in the same day. 
With us facing the horrible December weather and the surprize velux window we still managed to hit our targets and get this project finished on schedule , because that’s just part of our roofing companies roofing services. with regards to this very special unique project in the heart of Cheshire , Opulance Roofing Cheshire offer specialist roofing services in the fitting of all velux windows and traditional lead work. 
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